Collector Condition Guarantee

We want our Customers and Collectors to receive the best possible product in the best possible condition.

  • We guarantee that the packaging for in-stock action figures, bobbleheads, Pops, and collectibles will be shipped in the best condition and that it's the best possible packaging available unless otherwise noted in a product's name or description.

  • Most stores attempt to sell or ship factory-sealed cases of action figures and other items without regard to bent cards, packaging bubbles, or other packaging damage that collectors care about. We, at Toylantis Collectibles inspect each and every item before we ship it to you. If any defect is found, we won't ship it, and if the shipping carrier damages a product, we'll replace it. 

  • We guarantee that the product you receive has no price stickers, security stamps, or hole punches (unless we're selling an item that came from another retailer). Many stores - online and offline - put price tags, security stickers, or UPC stickers directly on the packaging, thus reducing the potential collectible value. We believe the packaging is as important as the item inside and never affixes stickers or labels directly to the products we ship.

  • We guarantee that we do not remove rare items or variations from the products we ship to you. We ship you the exact product the manufacturer sends to us, and we never do anything to your collectible to reduce its aftermarket value. We dedicate several cases of product to any Chance at Chase or Mystery Box Items.

  • Our Guarantee may or may not apply to anything labeled in the title or description as "open", "used", "open box", "Mystery", 
  • Finally, we guarantee to sell you original product. All the items we sell are officially licensed (if necessary) and come in original packaging.



This guarantee is subject to the complete list of terms listed in this section.